Collection: A Tale of Five Rings

A collaboration between Jennifer Odell and Elisa Johns, curated by Sally Morgan Lehman.

A Tale of Five Rings


A Tale of Five Rings is an exotic tale about five rings a young girl receives. The rings are presented by different female energies which are influenced by religion, mythology, and ancient cultures. Each ring represents ideal characteristics of her adult self, and when all are received, the set represents the ideal balance and state. The tale demonstrates the beauty in being humble but independent, generous but prosperous, and that striving for a radiant balance is within our reach. The rings unify the physical world to the spiritual world. They represent a connection to the divine feminine, one that is ancient and presently relevant. In a contemplative moment, we can access the magic around us to support our nature.

  • Photo of two women sitting on a couch with a painting of water lilies in the background
  • "In each unique piece, there is a distinct sense of the symbolic made visible through the beautiful."


  • Sketches laid out on top of a coffee table
  • five gold rings displayed in nature with different colored center stones
  • up close image of gold and sapphire ring on a piece of wood
  • painting of an owl
  • "Odell and Johns convey the message that femininity can–and should be–as commanding and strong as it is lovely."


  • three pieces of artwork displayed against the wall of a home
  • green gemstones next to a gold ring on a ring shaper
  • gold ring with red and blue stones on a moss backdrop