Our Founder

Jennifer Odell

Jennifer Odell is the Founding Director and Head Artist and Goldsmith for Paris & Lily. Jennifer is inspired by a lifelong intrigue with ancient cultures, mythology, and world religions. She began designing jewelry with collected antiquities from her travels and soon after began taking formal goldsmithing classes.

Inspired by goddess energy, ancient jewelry styles, mythology, and ancient healing methods.

Since ancient times, gemstones and precious metals have long been thought to offer their wearer healing properties. As well, since antiquity, jewelry has represented an oath or vow to the wearer, another, or the divine. Paris & Lily jewelry is created with this in mind. Whether the sculpting process is a bespoke amulet for the wearer through a commissioned piece, or to offer a talisman to an unknown wearer, Paris & Lily designs pieces which will become the wearer’s personal secret.

Model wearing cuff and holding drill while making jewelry

How It's made

Each Piece is Crafted by Hand

Paris & Lily adornments are created by the ancient jewelry making methods with each step being completed by hand. Most metal is alloyed in the Paris & Lily studio and recycled metal and gemstones are used whenever possible.

Jewelry files with gold dust sprinkled around them

Our Materials

Created with Exquisite Talismans

Although gold is the preferred metal for crafting, there are many times when pure silver is incorporated into the design. Ancient antiquities, such as ancient coins and scarab beetles, are often the focus of the pieces to bring the past alive. Modern day machinery and molds are not used. Predictable, contemporary designs are not the outcome, but rather exquisite talismans that defy age and time.