Since Ancient Times

Gemstones and precious metals have long been thought to offer their wearer healing properties. As well, since antiquity, jewelry has represented an oath or vow to the wearer, another, or the divine. Paris & Lily jewelry is created with this in mind. Whether the sculpting process is a bespoke amulet for the wearer through a commissioned piece, or to offer a talisman to an unknown wearer, Paris & Lily designs pieces which will become the wearer’s personal secret.

Le Fay Amulets

A collection of individual stud earrings inspired by the mythology of Morgan Le Fay. Illustrations by Hillary Bott Sorrentino.

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A Tale of Five Rings

A collaboration between Jennifer Odell and Elisa Johns, curated by Sally Morgan Lehman.

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The Priestess Project

A collaboration between Jennifer Odell and illustrator, Hillary Bott Sorrentino.

SOLD OUT. Inquire about commissioning a similar piece.

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Alchemy Projects

Paris & Lily is honored to work with clients to repurpose their heirloom jewelry, or no longer worn jewelry, into new & treasured pieces.

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